Electrical System Design and Integration Engineering

Electrical System Design and Integration Engineering Services Offerings

Electrical System Design & Integration, Functional Schematics and Logics design, Industrial Electrical Engineering and Detailed Engineering

  • Power Generation and Distribution Philosophy
  • Protection, Control, Metering and Interlocking Philosophy
  • Fault level calculations and relay coordination
  • AC and DC Power distribution
  • System and equipment earthing designs
  • Lightning/Illumination systems design
  • Electrical Equipment/Component Sizing & Rating Calculations
  •  Generator /Alternator, Motor, Transformer sizing
  •  Switchgear & Component Sizing
  •  Cable sizing
  •  NER/NET sizing
  •  UPS and battery sizing
  •  Solar System sizing
  •  System design and Integration
  •  System and Product Electrical Functional Schematics design
  •  Logics designs
  •  Selection and Sizing of Power, control and communication cables
  •  Prepare Cable scheduling/Cable termination details
  •  Prepare Load List and Equipment list
  •  Prepare Lighting schedule
  •  Prepare Interconnection schedule
  •  Prepare Electrical Input/output list
  •  Substation/Distribution Station designs

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