Electrical Wiring & Harness Engineering Services Offerings

Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems design and Harness Installation

  • Electrical Wiring design
  • Harness layout designs
  • ¬†Selection and sizing of Interface connectors, terminals/crimps, glands, conduits
  • and other wiring accessories
  • Design Cable routing and clamp terminal diagrams
  • Prepare Wiring list, Device list and Harness reports
  • Space reservation
  • Create and manage Electrical components from catalogues
  • Create Harness Supports and protections
  • ¬†Placement of Electrical components
  • Electrical Harness installation designs (Routing of Harness in 3D and Electrical Wire routing)
  • Flattening of 3D harness
  • Prepare wire reports, connector reports and lengths
  • Prepare Manufacturing and Assembly instructions

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